There a variety of ways an individual can experience the benefits of partnering with a horse in a safe and healthy learning environment through IES. In each of the programming options below, a participant has the opportunity to partner with their own horse and ultimately spend time directly with their horse in a variety of different reflective, active and experiential activities. Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW) programs help individuals to ground themselves in the present gaining better self awareness and insight, shift old patterns, transform limiting core beliefs and learn new ways of being and doing that are more congruent, authentic and empowered.


6 Session EFW Program:

The multi-session equine facilitated personal growth and life skill development program focuses on actively taking steps to make positive changes in the participant’s life.  Classroom time and experiential activities with horses may focus on topics such as safety and boundaries, communication, leadership, problem solving, caring for self and others, grief and loss. 

1-Day Workshop:

Workshops are similar to the life skill development programs, but are offered in a shorter time frame and are designed around a specific topic or around the needs of the participants.

Kids Camp:

Camps focus on the introduction of the life skills concepts through classroom time and activities with the horses.


EFL School Support Program:

Through this specific program, IES looks to help support identified at-risk youth in the various surrounding school boards. While partnering with the horses in the weekly sessions, students are able to develop better self awareness, improved confidence and resiliency to some of life’s struggles. It also allows them a safe place to let down their guard and come to a place to find their strengths, their inner challenges and then learn some tools to help manage their mental health concerns more successfully. Children who have attended the programs have developed improved interpersonal communication styles and communication skills (being able to have a voice and share their thoughts and feelings more effectively). It has been documented that participants have improved attendance at school and relationships with the staff that are attending the sessions with them. All of the above supports students' personal success which will potentially allow them to experience educational success as well!

If you have any questions about the various IES program experiences or how to access an experience for yourself or others, please send an email to:

 EFL School Support Program

(6 Week Program)

Private Individual Youth and Adult EFW 

Personal Growth Programs (6 week program)

EFW Youth and Adult Personal Development Workshops (1-Day)

6 Session EFW Program

(6 Week Program)

EFW Kids Camps